S scale brass

S scale brass

Central Hobbies has a selection of brass models: locomotives, passenger cars and MOW equipment. We handle consignment sales. If there is a special item you are looking for, please E-mail us or give us a call. We're your one stop scale model train shop! Painted like it has been in long hard service.

Comments - Wheels need cleaning. Paint Job - Custom painted for Private Road name. Comments - Runs well but is noisy. Comments - Does not run. Universal to 2nd truck is seized. Coos Bay Lumber Co. Comments - Runs well.

Universals between rear truck and tender do not engage fully. Red Foam. Paint Job - Undecorated Comments - Runs rough. Needs a clean and lube. Needs Cleaning. Comments - Cleaned wheels.

s scale brass

Runs - poorly. Needs more pickups added only 4 wheel pickup. Comments - Paint a bit chipped. Comments - Needs new gears. Corroded Comments - Tries to run. Drive seized. Model is well wrapped. New top sheet. Paint Job - Undecorated Comments - Rus noisily. Runs noisily as most KMT drive models do.

Runs noisly as most KMT drive models do. Comments - Some solder work needs touching up. Bubble Wrap. Paint worn off of high points.North Dakota's largest dealer for brass model trains, steam and diesel locomotives, passenger cars, rolling stock and kits. Contact and Sales Information.

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River Raisin Models

Dakota Brass is now in its 18th year of business. My mother said she would regret that choice! Brass models have only gotten better since The pieces that are being produced now are truly better than museum quality. The variety of models available is incredible, if you are willing to hunt for it.

These are truly works of art that, with care and patience, become very reliable working models. Enjoy our pictures the work of Dan Haakenson. If you see something you would like to buy, please contact us. My day job unfortunately is too busy to allow me to do installations for hire, but I can certainly help with your questions. Soundtraxx has been busy upgrading their offerings.

s scale brass

Their sound packages are continuing to improve. They also now offer 2 and 4 amp decoders that will allow installations in most 2-Rail O-Scale models. They have performed flawlessly and are a big crowd pleaser. Another run of the Alcos is due this spring. Following that, he will be redoing the popular Baldwin centercabs.

Check out the Division Point Website for more details. Visit their website for more details. The Coach Yard Fred has kept busy. He is planning another caboose project. His steam projects have been slow to fill, but are still posted. See their website.

The O-Scale offerings are numerous. Visit their website. Work nights are Thursdays. If you are going to be in town and would like to visit it, contact me by Emailphone, or snail mail. Two years ago, it then accomplished what most of thought would be nearly impossible: it moved again to a new site at Transfer Road off University Avenue in St Paul, adjacent to the old Amtrak Depot. The TCMRM has joined with a number of other model railroading groups in an 11, square foot space which has become a site truly take in the breadth and scope of model railroading.

This is an absolute must-see for rail fans in the Twin Cities.S scale is often regarded as synonymous with the American Flyer brand of model railroad trains. Once on the brink of extinction, S scale railroading has experienced a renaissance in the last two decades. One scale is another rare older scale. In model railroading " scale " refers to the relationship between the size of a model and its original prototype.

The term "gauge" refers to the space between the rails of the train track. While beginners often use these terms interchangeably, American model railroaders usually refer to the "scale" they work in, while UK railway modelers will talk about their "gauge. It seems likely that the early UK models were unmotorized models for static display. During the mids Cleveland Models introduced scale model railroad trains in the United States. Today one running CM locomotive is still purported to exist.

InA. Gilbert later the manufacturer of Erector Sets and other educational toys acquired The American Flyer Manufacturing Company established in Up until that time, American Flyer manufactured O scale model railroad trains. After they were acquired by the A. Gilbert Company inthe brand name "American Flyer" was used on A.

s scale brass

Gilbert continued to manufacture American Flyer S scale trains until Although A. These early trains used the O scale 1. This led to the introduction of O27 trains, though American Flyer never offered O27 products. But these trains established Gilbert as a pioneer of prototypically correct scale model railroading. From the demise of A. Gilbert in through the s, S scale modeling declines; interest in S scale was probably kept alive initially by a small newsletter called the "S Gauge Herald.

These organizations, and another small magazine called the "S Gaugian," provided the means for S gaugers to exchange information and keep abreast of the offerings of small S scale manufacturers like Kinsman, Miller Laboratories, and Enhorning.

Most of the products were kits. This is analogous to the state of the TT scale in America today. They soon followed up with a set of streamlined passenger cars, and later freight cars. This paved the way for a return of S to the model railroading mainstream. As the makers of the TT scale in America apparently never learned, no scale can succeed without ready-to-run products. Since these initial offerings by American Models, there has been a slow but steady increase in the availability of S Scale ready-to-run products.

While the American Flyer brand name fell into disuse during the lean years, the renaissance in S scale has induced Lionel to offer American Flyer S scale trains again.One of the oldest scales in existence, with a scale train built inS Gauge was formalized in by the National Model Railroad Association.

Gilbert began building two-rail S Gauge trains in under the American Flyer brand with improvements in design and heavy promotion that shaped the world of S Gauge ever after. American Flyer, S-Helper Service, and American Models are prominent in the world of S Gauge, with numerous brass manufacturers offering their own highly detailed scale products over the years. Trainz proudly offers an outstanding selection of both vintage and modern S Scale Trains.


If you'd like to see other model train scales as well, you can visit our entire model train collection. Item 1 to 24 of items. Home S Gauge Trains. S Gauge Trains. Show 24 12 24 36 per page. American Flyer S Christmas Boxcar. Our Products view all. Stock Status In Stock. Exclusive Preview Items. Inventory Type Brand New. Pre-owned Collectibles. Scale S Gauge Trains Train Era Modern Trains. Postwar Trains. Product Type Trains.

Model Type Locomotives. Model Steam Trains. Diesel Locomotives. Trolleys and Railcars.RRM was created in by S scale modelers. Since our first imported model inRiver Raisin Models has introduced over 50 unique S scale products. River Raisin can also aid in your search for that hard-to-find, sold out after market brass import.

About the name, River Raisin Modelsbefore you even ask! The French history of southeast Michigan places the word 'river' first. Dan has always liked the name and suggested it at the first 'Board' meeting Welcome to our web site. After browsing around, please contact us for further information. West Bloomfield, MI Phone: Cell: Email: River Raisin Models. We were excited to win this award since it is based solely on the readers choice among many other fine S structures.

If you are interested in ordering, please call, eMail or write us. Phone messages may be left anytime. Pacific Sample Models are Here! Southern Pacific Railroad P Pacifics. Boo Rim Precision will craft these models to the high quality you have grown to expect from River Raisin Models. Factory installed Loksound DCC will be available with a reservation. The production models are planned for a late arrival.

Brass S Scale Model Trains

Coming in Late They will all have that great detail that we all have come to expect from our Master Builders, including Swiss Maxon Motors and factory installed Loksound DCC if reserved.

Locomotives to be built will include three versions of the F and all five F Georgian Style Pacifics. All locomotives were adorned with the fancy polished cylinder heads, stars, and either a bust of George Washington, an eagle, or star. These will be built in very limited quantities so get your reservation in soon to assure you get the model you want.S scale or S gauge is a model railroad scale modeled at scaleS scale track gauge space between the rails is 0. S gauge is not to be confused with toy train standard gaugea large-scale standard for toy trains in the early part of the 20th century.

S scale is one of the oldest model railroading scales. The earliest known scale train was constructed from card in American Flyer was a manufacturer of standard gauge and O gauge "tinplate" trains, based in Chicago, Illinois.

It never produced S scale trains as an independent company. Chicago Flyer was purchased by A.

Gilbert Co. Gilbert began manufacturing S scale trains around that ran on three rail "O" gauge track. Gilbert stopped producing trains during WWII. When the war ended, Gilbert began producing true S scale S gauge trains in under the American Flyer mark.

The term "S scale" was adopted by the National Model Railroading Association NMRA in to represent that scale that was half of 1 gauge which was built to scale. Gilbert's improvements in modeling and promotions of S gauge largely shaped the world of modeling today. S gauge entered what many consider its heyday in the s although there is more available in S scale today than was available during this period.

However, during that period, Lionel outsold American Flyer nearly two to one. American Flyer's parent company went out of business and the brand was sold to a holding company that also owned Lionel in Lionel re-introduced S gauge trains and accessories under the American Flyer name in Another S manufacturer, American Models, entered the marketplace in and is now also one of the major S suppliers.

S-Helper Service, another major S gauge manufacturer of locomotives, rolling stock, track and other products, began operations in and delivered their first S products in And while the S scale market has seen a number of brass model manufacturers, today the major brass model supplier in S scale and S gauge is River Raisin Models.

Today's S gauge and S scale modelers have a greater selection and higher quality products, from a wide range of manufacturers, than at any time in the past. In addition to the basics of locomotives, rolling stock, and track, various manufacturers now offer S scale structures, detail parts, figures, other scenic items, bridges, and more. The terms "scale" and "gauge" are often confused. Strictly speaking, scale is the ratio of the size of a model to that of its prototype and gauge is the distance between the track railheads.

Three-foot gauge in S scale Sn3 gauge is In the s and s, toy trains were built of plated and lithographed tinplated steel. Since they were toys and not models per se, wheels and couplers were oversized. They were designed more for ease of use and robust service rather than pure fidelity of reproduction. Details were often represented as simple graphics on the models or even omitted altogether. Enthusiasts of toy trains are sometimes known as "tinplaters".From: S-Scale groups.

Is there interest? There is a company that makes etched parts, including steps for the HO versions of the PRS boxcar and reefer.

S Scale and S Gauge Model Railroad Trains

My plan is to get numbers, then use a crowd funding site - enough people pay up-front, it happens. Not enough interest, everybody gets their money back. Will get back to everyone in a week or two. The grab irons are very difficult to remove from the sprue without breaking them in half. The reefer end stirrups don't sit parallel.

s scale brass

Looks like an upgraded brass part would need a re-design. Regarding 40' boxcars, I am building a Canadian fleet, and would like to have 8 rung ladders. The PRS part is very nicely made, but same problem; easy to damage. Is anyone else interested enough to approach Des Plaines about making brass PRS 40' boxcar and reefer parts? If so, I could start a poll. The Group moderators are responsible for maintaining their community and can address these issues. Report to Groups.

This includes: harm to minors, violence or threats, harassment or privacy invasion, impersonation or misrepresentation, fraud or phishing. Note: Your email address is included with the abuse report. Not just the PRS steps are too fragile for regular use, but the AM boxcar steps have a design flaw that makes them liable to breaking off. Jim King has made some in delrin or something similar but the shape wasn't quite what I needed at the time, and now it may be a while before.

One of the problems with S scale is the lack of good corner steps; for years all that was available were the vastly oversized stamped sheet brass.

Running my S Scale Conrail \

Now that I've built a few PRS boxcars and reefers, and impressed with the final product, it's clear that the stock plastic parts are too fragile and easy to damage. Join S-Scale groups. Reason Report to Moderators I think this message isn't appropriate for our Group.

Cancel Report. Are you sure you wish to delete this message from the message archives of S-Scale groups. This cannot be undone. Cancel Yes. Messages More. Toggle navigation.

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