Pics of planet serpo

Pics of planet serpo

The twin stars of Zeta Reticuli can be seen at the far right. Diamond-shaped, the constellation lacks bright stars and is apparently an unimpressive sight.

Only just visible to the unaided eye, Zeta Reticuli was first referred to as such in Can I just repeat that Zeta Reticuli has been seen in the sky without a telescope for centuries. The whole identification of this system as a homeworld to ufonauts is based on the thorough and painstaking work of Marjorie Fishwhich is now believed to be incorrect being based on out-dated data on star positions.

Through a telescope Zeta Reticuli can be clearly seen to be two stars you can do this without a telescope if the sky is dark enough. The two stars are both very similar in mass, diameter, temperature and brightness to our own Sun Zeta 1, a G3 class star, is slightly smaller, cooler and more orange than the Sun, while Zeta 2 is G2 class, almost identical to the Sun.

They orbit a common centre of mass approximately midway between them and are separated by at least AU about 0.

Project Serpo and the Zeta Reticuli Exchange Program

By the standards set by objects in our own Solar System, this is a huge distance; about a hundred times as far as Pluto is on average from the Sun. A beam of light from one of the stars would take three weeks to reach its companion. This is great enough a separation for each star in the duo to have its own planetary system. Each star could have its own habitable zone or Goldilocks zone, a region where there is enough warmth from a star to allow water to persist as a liquid on the surface of a planet.

Another myth about the Zeta Reticuli system I have encountered states that emissions from the two stars contribute to a dangerous level of background radiation in their vicinity. The two stars are too far apart for this and this idea seems to have been dreamed up by the perpetrators of the staggeringly inept Project SERPO hoax. What are the prospects for life in this star system?

Both stars are similar to the Sun and if they have suitable planets it is not impossible that life has arisen there. Their youth may count against the possibly of higher forms of life having evolved on Zeta Reticulan worlds. If the story of life on Earth is typical and who knows for sureI would not bet on there being any little grey men, or indeed ladies, on any Zeta Reticulan planets unless they were colonised from elswhere.

There has been a false alarm though. In astronomers at the European Southern Observatory announced that they had observed evidence of a giant planet around Zeta 2. The planet appeared to be tugging on the star causing it to make slight rhythmic movements, suggesting the planet had a mass about a quarter that of Jupiter and was moving in a close orbit 0.

Well, its not a conspiracy, rather there is no point as the HST could not resolve any planets at this distance, this is something it was not designed to do. Almost certainly there are comet nuclei and dwarf planets, analogues of our Pluto, Eris, Makemake and Haumea, in this ring. This debris disc is not symmetrical, a possible indication that the material is being gravitationally effected by an unseen planetary companion.

To be honest, based on the distribution of exoplanets in the Milky Way it would be very surprising if in fact there were no planets in the Zeta Reticulum system. However as our methods for finding exoplanets are still pretty limited it may be a long time before we know for sure. Until we actually discover any Zeta Reticulan planets the best we can do is watch out for them in science fiction. By far and away the best-known fictional world in the vicinity of the Zeta 2 Reticuli system is LV also called Acheron from the Alien movies and related works.

On this world humans first encountered the awful acid-blooded, drooling horrors sometimes called Xenomorphs yes, I am deliberately ignoring the Aliens vs Predator movies and I advise you to do the same.Remember Me? What's New? Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

I've just heard about the story of the exchange program that happen back in the 70s with another alien race. I was doing a lot more research with some loose ends. So I was wondering if anyone had any evidence that this indeed happened? Please post websites, photos, anything that has any relation to this. I'm already familiar with serpo. If it ever happened, it didn't happen as described by the disinfo people who promulgated it.

Which means in turn that other than stray factoids appearing in books by CIA assets like Cordwainer Smith etc. But you could start with This Island Earth- long before the current Disclosure craze his work was seen by some as hinting at hidden truths The Smell Of Lime. Interesting I will see that movie tonight when I get home. Do you or anyone know anything about the MIB, or the billy meir cases? Originally Posted by rodrigae.

Planetary objects proposed in religion, astrology, ufology and pseudoscience

Hey guys, thank you for all of the links. I will def be checking them out and I'll keep researching for the truth! Did anyone see serpo. Originally Posted by guruji. An opinion should be the result of thought, not a substitute for it. I cannot understand why so much secrecy about alien life. Why in people still think that we are the centre of the universe!!!. Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page:. Tags for this Thread ebensserpo. The time now is PM. All rights reserved.If an anonymous statement sent to an American UFO discussion group is to be taken at face value, then the lone survivor of the Roswell crash in was instrumental in organizing a super secret Government program entitled Project Serpo.

The author of this series of emails refused to go into personal details beyond his admission that he was a retired Government employee that had an active role in the program. Does Serpo reside in the Zeta Reticuli system? The remaining survivor was ferried to a top-secret military facility and granted permission to contact other members of his civilization using equipment salvaged from the crashed UFO.

Military personnel learned that the survivor was a member of an alien race known as the Eben. The Eben lived on a world they called Serpo, which is located within the Zeta Reticuli star system, best known as the origins of the visitors documented in the Hills abduction of This Eben continued to work as an intermediary for both the US Military and Eben people until its passing in Dialogues between worlds continued for another decade until a meeting was scheduled to take place in Alamogordo, New Mexico, in April When the Eben ship touched down, the visitors were allowed to reclaim their deceased brethren and conducted additional negotiations in English for another year to establish the parameters for the exchange program.

Project Serpo was underway. A dozen military specialists were carefully selected to participate in this exchange and tasked to gather as much intelligence about the Eben people as was possible.

The ten men and pair of women were scheduled to remain on Serpo for a decade and then be transported back to Earth for a debriefing. The 37 light year journey took a reported nine months to complete. When the intrepid dozen arrived at Serpo they discovered that the Eben planet was like the Earth in many ways.

One major difference was the parent star or stars. Serpo was a binary star system that meant elevated levels of heat and radiation. Two of the men chosen to participate quickly succumbed to the conditions and perished. The remainder took several years to acclimatize to these conditions but ultimately did so.

The ten had to remain covered up at all times and were not able to dress inappropriately due to their living conditions. They had more than extreme heat and radiation to contend with though; food was a crucial factor that every member was enforced to overcome. Despite being sent on a decade-long mission, their food supply was only sufficient to last for a couple of those years. When the time came, this was a challenge that all members managed to adjust to.

Another factor that they were also faced with was the Serpo day. At 43 hours in length, it was almost twice the typical Sol day. Evenings and nights never got sufficiently dark. This may be a result of the smaller star that bathed the nighttime hours in ambient light that resembled twilight.

Eight of the dozen finally returned to Earth inthree years overdue. The remaining couple, one of the men and women, opted to remain on Serpo. The reasons were never disclosed, at least officially.

Those that did make the return trip were kept in isolation for a further six years. During that time they were thoroughly debriefed. According to the reports, each one of them had difficulty readjusting to life back on Earth after Project Serpo. Eventually, they all died of radiation sickness.

While the team was stationed on Serpo, they were given the freedom of the planet and used this chance to fully explore. Serpo had no oceans and precious few mountains. Flora mainly consisted of several species but was chiefly found in the cooler polar regions. Much like Earth, Serpo had indigenous animal life that was utilized as tools of work and not sources of food. Eben food came from any one of several industrial methods.

The majority of theinhabitants lived in a single large city but consisted of several individual communities.Project Serpo is a science fiction fantasy launched as though true onto several UFO -oriented web forums starting in November Author Len Kasten swallowed the story so completely that he wrote a book about it [1]. As late as May the yarn was re-told as true on the overnight radio show Coast to Coast AMwhen Kasten was a guest [2].

It is slightly smaller than Earth but has a human-breathable atmosphere. It is populated by an extraterrestrial race known as Ebens, who mostly live in rather simple villages. The total population isEbens are short and brown.

One Eben was a survivor of the flying saucer crash at Corona, New Mexico. Intwelve US military astronauts set off for what was to be a ten-year mission to Serpo in a spacecraft that used anti-matter as its energy source. The journey took ten months, at 40 times the speed of light.

pics of planet serpo

Two of the astronauts died on Serpo or en route to Serpo, in part due to the intense radiation on the planet. Two others never returned and are alleged to be still living The Good Life on Serpo. The mission of the remaining eight seven men and one woman was extended and they returned to Earth in They were held incommunicado for debriefing until All of them have since died.

Apparently it all started in with an e-mail from "Request Anonymous" to a Ufology maillist moderated by Victor Martinez. Doty, a former security guard with the Air Force Office of Special Investigations who had a book to sell.

The R. Bill Ryan, business partner and at the time bed-mate of the paranoid gubbmint-hater Kerry Cassidytook up the story and created the serpo. Steven Spielberg may have been aware of this story, and tailored his award-winning movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind after the details. One will note the 12 people trained and ready to board the UFO at the end, in an exchange program: 10 men, 2 women, just like in the original story.

One now has to wonder how Spielberg found out about it. Additionally, a very recent July Youtube release of a lecture from Australia spends the entire hour and half addressing the story, from forward. It includes one interview by Steven Spielberg, and several possible photos of the events. The lecturer does keep a very open mind to possible fake items, and tells you about them. Jump to: navigationsearch. The woo is out there UFOlogy Aliens did it While reviewing another physicist's solution to the equations in Albert Einstein's theory of general relativity, Austrian physicist Ludwig Flamm realized another solution was possible.

He described a "white hole," a theoretical time reversal of a black hole. Entrances to both black and white holes could be connected by a space-time conduit. Antimatter of Fact. Categories : Ufology Science fiction. Namespaces Page Talk.Learn more about Coast Insider. In the middle two hours, UFO and paranormal researcher Len Kasten discussed the alleged secret government exchange program with ETs from the planet Serpo.

He shared the chronicle of the journey of the Serpo team based mainly on postings gathered on serpo. The ETs or "Ebens," who look like smaller versions of humans but with larger skulls a race different than the Greysset up the exchange, in which 12 military personnel from Earth traveled to Serpo, a planet in the Zeta Reticuli system inhe continued.

Though Serpo is 39 light years from our solar systemtrillion milesthe Ebens have perfected wormhole and antigravity technology allowing them to make the journey in just 9 months, Kasten related. Even though the American exchange team was picked up in what was merely a "shuttlecraft," they couldn't believe the size of it-- it had ft. Serpo is said to be about the same size as Earth and have breathable air, yet only has a population ofAmong the strange wildlife on the planet was a snake-like creature with highly developed eyes that looked almost human, Kasten shared.

The Ebens used a deceased exchange member to create a new hybrid creature, and had done similar experimentation with beings they had brought back from many other worlds, he revealed. Most of the exchange team returned to Earth in all have subsequently diedthough several members stayed behind on Serpo and continued to send communications back untilhe said.

The highly classified "Project Gleam" was developed to foster communication between Serpo and Earth, and involves a beam that's propelled at enormous speeds, he explained. According to Kasten, the Ebens continue to have a diplomatic relationship with our civilization. First hour guest, Col. While the US has done a good job of thwarting various attacks on its homeland, Hunt advocated a more aggressive counterterrorism approach such as infiltrating mosques, and stopping the transfer of money to terrorist organizations.

A private project called Mars One is seeking astronauts to live in a colony pictured in illustration on the Red Planet beginning inten years from now. Candidates can apply online on the Mars One site, and those chosen will go through seven years of testing and training before leaving on the one-way flight. A reality TV show is planned to raise funding and show the selection and training process.

pics of planet serpo

More at Space. Kent Heckenlively and Judy Mikovits shared revelations about coronavirus and medical corruption. Followed by E. Koetting on his black magick practice. Log In Forgot Password? The last hour of the show featured Open Lines. Terrorism Update First hour guest, Col.Reports and rumors have been floating around for decades that contact between the U. Government and beings from another planet, or other planets, has been established. These stories include information about government acquisition of advanced technologies, greater scientific knowledge and other important assets.

Some people claim that top secret organizations and agencies were created to coordinate these sensitive operations. Now, reports have surfaced about an alleged U.

On the newly-developed Web site serpo. Movies, books, TV programs and other media platforms have been used to comment on UFOs and these kinds of ideas over the years. Some of us may think these concepts are based on actual facts. Some may feel that think these ideas might possibly be based on realities.

The 116 images NASA wants aliens to see

Some of us seem to think they are probably not at all accurate and are simply creative storytelling and wishful thinking. Defense Intelligence Agency DIAwho requested to not be named at this time, stated that he represented a group of six current and former DIA officials. These sources began providing information to Ryan and his colleagues on November 2 and have continued through December. Ryan states that he considers the possibilities that the information presented is not true, is partially true, is completely true or some combination of these.

In fact, he mentions a discussion he learned about between an active duty Air Force lieutenant colonel and a retired Air Force intelligence colonel. The younger man had been following the alleged Project SERPO information being released and wanted to bounce it off the senior officer. In person, he provided the retired colonel with the written material. He said, yes, he was involved in the communications aspect of this operation from about until He was also on the debriefing team.

He wouldn't provide too much information, saying that unless he saw that all information was declassified, he could not comment on details. I thanked him and left. My name is Request Anonymous.

I am a retired employee of the U.

Project Serpo: Top-Secret Exchange Mission with Eben Aliens

I won't go into any great details about my past, but I was involved in a special program. Thus apparently began the recounting of a very interesting series of reports on alleged events involving visitors from another planet and their contact with the United States Government. One crash was near Corona and the other near Datil. The first was discovered in and the second not until A crash survivor was found near the Corona crash.

Other occupants apparently did not survive.Click HERE to read the discussion thread. DON'T speed read through it! I find myself in a very awkward, UNcomfortable situation today. Well, perhaps at some future date they will be, but definitely NOT today!

Bill will be issuing a public statement as well shortly after you read mine. I answer "no," and he wishes me a happy birthday and an enjoyable lunch with former student, Jackie N [Class of '98] at The Cheesecake Factory in Huntington Beach. I knew instantly what it was and I went directly to Kinko's to view it.

pics of planet serpo

NOTE: Disgusted? You should be OUTraged! I'll not provide the nom de guerre this low-life individual uses NOTE: This explains WHY there is such a gap between " of " which is then followed by "95 of " [public domain] and finally "94 of In other words, a concerted effort is being made to trash the "Project SERPO" story and keep the public at large from even considering that such an exchange program ever took place.

It is my absolute guarantee to you What they don't know is what they don't know This is what I mean by: "They don't know what they don't know. NO, not at all! With the generous, kind and technical assistance from my co-moderator Bill Ryan -- and with my highly influential UFO Thread List -- we successfully got your message and story to the global UFO community and just regular folk in general. In your e-mail dated entitled "Problems," you articulated to me that "too many individuals are trying to uncover my identity" and then you asked me to delete all of your e-mails which I promptly did EXCEPT for the first one of I'd likely do the same thing!

Likewise, I was thrilled and very pleased to learn from a Cabinet-level officer whom you're colleages with and I'm a friend of how happy you were when you received my lb 'care package' I sent you for Xmas In that package, I provided you all of my contact information -- nothing's changed -- including photos of me receiving awards in the field of education, my resume, etc. We have no survivors from the original primary team and two 2 survivors from the alternates.

Wait until you hear Eben music. We have hours of their music on tape. Ebens are our friends I truly miss them. The conclusion by the tasked analyst is these six images require more investigation, analysis and verification, and lack credibility in many technical respects. This mixture of six images, taken as a group, is inadequately explained. There is low confidence that these six images are related to a real Serpo disclosure.

Details of image processing: The original six images were supplied in. The original image file names were changed during creation of the.

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