Kustom 11 l

Kustom 11 l

A site dedicated to providing Kustom amp literature such as vintage catalogs, technical data as well as a webboard for discussion. Post a classified for buying or selling Kustom amps. Hello, I have a nice clean Kustom Lead 11 amp,with a 12" speaker I now have a Kustom K and a cabinet. Looks to be a 70's model. I have no idea what this outfit is worth. Can anyone give me some advice on the resale value. Anyone familiar with this amp? I think it was made in the early 80s. Combo, switchable 2 channel, oak cabnet l6s through a 15" SRO speaker.

I realize that it has been a long time since you posted, "Can someone send me a copy of the schematic for this amp Kustom B. I have a transistor blown and need to know what type it is.

Kustom 11-L Amp - Chassis Only For Repair

If you found out what type of transistor it was; would you please let me know? I am a bass player. If you have any Kustom Bass amplification to sell, please email me. Must be cosmetically Very Good, but need not have good speakers! Looking for one in good working order for gigging. I'm in Arizona so that's a consideration erf shipping. This popular thread has been given its own page : Kustom Hustler.

I am looking for a footswitch for my Kustom A. It has 4 buttons on it and a 4 pin din plug Thanks in advance Don, I am trying to restore a Kustom amp head with a transistor out. I can't seem to find one. Do you know where I can get parts for it. Radio Shack and common places have discontinued the transistor. Im looking for a foot switch for my guitar kustom amp, model ll two twelve inch speakers,thanks.

I have a Kustom tuck and roll cab. The number on the back is 1g-1h. What kind of set-up is this bass, guitar or PA? I also have a Kustom tuck and roll cab.

I just got a Kustom top and bottom off Ebay. Boy is it cool! When it arrived it didn't work.Joined: Nov It took two years, but the Kustom Lead II amp rescued from my father-in-law's garage is finished. Here are a bunch of pictures to enjoy. The first five show the condition it was in when it was given to me. Somehow the grill cloth escaped any damage; it's was is perfect. Which seemed like the only part that was Here is the cabinet gutted and ready to be resurrected!

Clean up and re-capping in progress. All solder joints were refreshed and wires re-dressed and cleaned up. The only modification I did was add a detachable power cord and an external fuse holder replacing the internal one.

The speaker openings were trimmed in red for a custom look. Here it is reassembled. The face plate gunk cleaned up nicely and new knobs replaced the crumbling originals. I added a maroon chicken head knob on the Master Volume control to give it a bit of vintage flavor.

Dan "I hate what I've become, trying to escape who I am GP Island. Here's a shot of the insides with the back removed. Here is a shot of the power connection and fuse holder mod. The following issues were addressed: Dry rotted speakers were replaced. The reverb circuit was weak and the spring tank corroded. Repaired and replaced. Clean Channel was dead. Several shorted caps were found. All electrolytic's replaced including the power supply filters.

So, how does it sound? This is a serious amp. Rated at 60 Watts this thing will hold it's own against anything in it's class. It has a nice 70's classic rock sound and the Eminence speakers breakup nicely when pushed with added drive.

Kustom KG100FX212

The clean channel is articulate and clear. It's a keeper. I didn't intend on doing a complete OEM restore, but I also did not want to totally ruin the classic look of the amp.

So I only added a touch or two of embellishments and mods.Kustom Amplification or Kustom Electronics is a manufacturer of guitar and bass amplifiers and PA equipment and accessories. The main selling point of Kustom amplifiers was their unique appearance: Ross, Inc.

The amplifiers featured solid-state circuitry instead of vacuum tube -based designs so common in the s.

Kustom manuals

Ross, Inc. The company produced several models of guitar amplifiers, bass amplifiers, organ amplifiers, Guitars, Basses, and keyboards and P.

kustom 11 l

There was also a line of guitars with DeArmond pickups in a variety of colors, including the infamous Pink to Green sunburst that fans have affectionately named "Watermelon Burst. Eventually the company branched out to produce organs, drums, microphones, and guitars. Charles "Bud" Ross produced the first Kustom amp which comprised two fifteen inch speakers mounted side-by-side in a horizontal white sparkle cabinet with and a non-Frankenstein head.

The first amp was built for a member of the Nebraska Hall of Fame and is now a featured display in the collection of Rainbow Recording Studios in Omaha, Nebraska. Later Bud Ross established a fairly lucrative business which manufactured police handheld radars. During the following years the factory in Kansas and the associated trademarks would change ownership numerous times.

The most notable merger happened with Gretsch, which at the time was owned by Baldwin. Aside from the Kustom brand, Kustom Electronics also began to manufacture an amplifier line called Kasino. The brand was established in These were internally the same as Kustom amplifiers but were covered with traditional Tolex material as seen on Fender style amplifiers.

Kasino amps were used mainly by country music performers who felt the regular Kustom Tuck-And-Roll Naugahyde models were too flashy. Another reason for establishing a parallel brand was simply to gain a greater share of the amplifier market. One distributor could sell the Kustom brand and one could sell Kasino without competing with each other. Waylon Jennings was an early supporter of the Kasino line.

Kasino amps were discontinued in when Kustom Electronics once again changed ownership.Click Here to Send a Donation. Email SteelGuitarForum gmail. I have a Kustom Amp???????? Posted 31 Mar pm. Posted 1 Apr am. Posted 1 Apr pm. Posted 5 Apr am. Posted 7 Apr pm.

Posted 11 Apr pm. Posted 15 Apr am. Posted 15 Apr pm. Cloverdale Blvd. Next oldest topic :: Next newest topic. Tucker From: Texas. Just looking for what ever anyone hasPlease let me know Thanks Tuck P. Tucker on 15 Apr am; edited 1 time in total.

Bill Moore From: Manchester, Michigan. It was watts, with a 15' speaker. I'm thinking it was intended to be a keyboard amp. I bought it cheap from a kid that played an amplified accordion.

Before that, I only had a couple of smaller guitar amps, so this was the first amp I got that I thought would work for pedal steel.


If I had it now, I probably could get a decent sound from it, but back then, it always seemed very "honky" and I was never happy with it. I sold when I found a Session I'm not sure how it compares to the Lead II. But it did seem to be well built and sturdy.

Hey K. I have an old Kustom piggy back amp which is covered in blue sparkle tuck and roll upholstery. It's a killer amp and has that old rock and roll vibe to it. I have two cabinets with four 12" speakers in each of 'em.

I do an oldies rock and roll show from time to time and use either this set up or my Marshall stack. My Kustom has a built in tremolo and a very nice sounding reverb. If you turn 'em both on and plug a Les Paul into it you can nail that old John Fogerty tone easily with this rig If it didn't take up so much room in the van I'd use it all the time JH in Va. If you have any questions,please email me. I not only happen to live in KansasThis seller has not set a shipping cost for Russian Federation.

Please contact them to ask about shipping. Similar Listings See More. Change shipping region. Listing Sold. Shipped From. Preferred Seller. Message Seller. About This Listing. This is an absolutely amazing Kustom L1 Combo amp. It has a truly amazing vintage tone, and one of the most unique reverbs that we have ever heard and we mean that in a good way!! It is a solid state amp, however it gives out a really convincing vintage tube sound.

These are extremely hard to find, and truly something special. There is a bit of gunk on the power switch, however it doesn't really effect the functionality at all.

There is also a crack in the leather on the handle. Once again, it does not effect the integrity of the handle itself. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to throw them our way! Product Specs. Listed 7 years ago Condition Good Used Good condition items function properly but may exhibit some wear and tear. Reviews of this Shop.

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kustom 11 l

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VintageKustom Amps & Guitars

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kustom 11 l

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kustom 11 l

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