Hino pcmflash

Hino pcmflash

Both micro and eeprom are supported. Thus, cloning is possible as well as full reading of factory or modified files. The kit includes the main cable and cables for specific transmissions. Available on pre-order Cable for work with 53 and 71 pcmflash packages in one cable with DB connector with wire coloring.

Ford Focus 3 Ford Focus 3: 1. Ford Kuga 2: 2. Diesel engines 2. Ford Mondeo 4: 1. Petrol engines 1. Ford Fiesta: 1. Petrol Engines 1. Ford Transit 2. Ford Ranger: 3. Ford Ranger: 2.

PCMflash Plugin #46 Toyota / Lexus / Scion / Hino Gen 2

Serial files database included! Ford Mondeo 4: 2. Volkswagen K-Line 1. Automatic transfer for VID area! Ford Focus 2 ST: 2. Subaru Denso Subaru: 2. Nissan CAN-bus 2nd generation. Ford PWM Mondeo 3 1. Required Ford VCM2.These computer systems all require software and in some cases OEM re-learn procedures. We here at Vortek Programming offer these on-site services utilizing the latest OEM equipment and technology. For pricing and information please call or email us via our contact page.

Specifically for situations where a salvage ECU, ICU since most of these units are obsolete or new key lock cylinder has been replaced. Contact us for further information. Our clients are those in the automotive industry whose scope of work includes any type of module diagnostics and or replacement. The days of diagnosing and repairing automobiles without a laptop beside you are quickly fading.

Newer vehicles include a large number of onboard computers that are each dedicated to performing specific tasks and software.

PCMflash Plugin #35 Toyota / Lexus / Scion / Hino

We also can provide off-board reprogramming capabilities for individuals that want to do the repairs themself but lack the neccesary tools. Supported controllers are:. For further information about this service please email or call us with your questions. Vortek Programming your automotive computer solution:. We do this by providing on-site automotive module software updating or a complete new flash.

On-site capabilities can include OEM diagnostic capabilities using original manufacturers tools. Providing this on-site service can eliminate costly trips to the OEM dealership and we offer same day service in most cases.Quick Ship Program. National Parts Distribution Center. Hino Genuine Parts. HinoStyle Accessories. Parts Publications. Diagnostic Software. The Ultimate Ownership Experience. Certified Ultimate Hino Dealerships. This support comes in many forms. Its starts with the peace of mind in the industry-leading warranty that includes an industry-first, 5-year, unlimited mile warranty on Allison transmissionsfree roadside assistance, preventive maintenance coverage, and a comprehensive telematics solution to optimize your fleet efficiency are just a few ways we stand behind our trucks.

Hino trucks and our dealer network are fully committed to providing you The Ultimate Ownership Experience throughout the life of your Hino.


In fact it was designed from the ground-up for the U. No truck has ever performed better than my Hino's because they combine comfort and beauty with reliability and the end result is peace of mind and profitability. Dealer Locator.

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Click HERE to learn more about cookie settings. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Availability: In stock. It supports work via ADS adapter version 1 as well as via any Jcompatible adapter if there are appropriate drivers and libraries.

It has been tested with OpenPort 2. The Guardant key is used for the protection from unauthorised access. It supports flashing both backup vbf and binary bin files. When flashing binary files checksum verification and correction is available for most of the modules.

Tactrix Openport 2. Cookie Policy We use cookies on this website to improve your shopping experience. Language: English. English Norwegian. PCM Flash Kit. More Views. See available plugin modules selection for PCMFlash. Add to Cart.

Customer Reviews 1 item s. PCM Flash Software. Questions: There are no product questions yet. Ask a question and Give an answer. Help your fellow customer. Product Tags Add Your Tags:.Dan Ferrell writes about do-it-yourself car maintenance and repair. He has certifications in automation and control technology. The check engine light is part of your car's on-board diagnostic OBD system. This system is operated by the electronic control module ECMwhich is your car's computer.

In modern vehicles, the ECM controls almost every major electrical or electronic system and continually scans for out-of-range operating parameters as reported by numerous sensors and actuators. For example, a sensor or actuator may detect a misfire, poor fuel injection, unusual output voltage to the secondary ignition system, erratic operation of the fuel pump, or any other condition that might affect engine performance or emissions.

Your car's computer will first try to correct the problem or wait a number of cycles. When the computer can't correct the problem, and it doesn't correct itself, the OBD system will store a diagnostic trouble code DTC in memory. This triggers the check engine light. Since the computer stores a specific trouble code identifying the particular malfunction, it is a way to help car technicians and owners determine the nature of a problem and potential system or component involved.

With the right tools, it also helps you troubleshoot your vehicle whenever the engine light illuminates.

In this guide, you'll find out what type of problems turn on the check engine light, what it means when it flashes, how you can retrieve the trouble codes stored in your car's computer, and how to go about deciphering those codes to help you fix your vehicle. Sincemotor vehicles have been equipped with the OBD-II second generation diagnostic system, an enhanced and standardized version of the previous generation. The OBD system—as it relates to the check engine light—monitors and controls the amount of emissions produced during the operation of your car by constantly checking and correcting input values to the appropriate systems with the help of sensors and actuators, including:.

Whenever the computer detects an abnormal condition through one of these, it sets a DTC in memory and lets you know by illuminating the light. When a potential emissions-related problem warrants your attention, you'll see the light illuminate in one of three different patterns.

Sometimes, the problem comes and goes. This is referred to as an intermittent or soft failure and can cause the light to flash, stop flashing, and then start again. The problem appears only when certain conditions appear. For example, the loose connector or broken wire that keeps connecting and disconnecting when the vehicle travels over bumps or irregularities on the road, causing the light to turn on and off for periods at a time.

Whenever a problem causes the light to come on and stay illuminated, a hard failure is present. A dirty or failed mass air flow MAF sensor, for instance, will remain out of its normal operating parameters and cause the check engine light to remain on until you clean or replace the sensor.

When the check engine light flashes continuously, it means you have a critical problem that will cause serious damage if neglected. Usually, this originates in a misfire that allows fuel to pass into the exhaust manifold and down to the catalytic converter where high temperatures ignite the fuel.A password reset instruction will be sent to the email you provided during registration. Could not create temporary access.

If the error persists, contact the site administration. The tool has been tested with OpenPort 2. Modules may not be activated at weekends and on Russian public holidays. Ford Focus 3: 1. Ford Focus 3: 2. Diesel engines 2. Ford Mondeo 4: 1. Petrol engines 1. Ford Fiesta: 1. Petrol Engines 1. Ford Transit 2. Ford Transit: 2. Ford Ranger: 2. Stock files database included! Ford Mondeo 4: 2. Ford Kuga 1: 2. Subaru Denso 2. Patriot 2. Reading, writing, checksum correction for most ECUs.

Delphi DCM3. Ford 1. Mazda Gen 4 1. Ford MG1 Ford F 3.The tool has been tested with OpenPort 2. Ford Focus 3: 1. Ford Focus 3: 2. Ford Mondeo 4: 1. Ford Fiesta: 1. Ford Transit 2. Ford Transit: 2. Mazda: 1.

hino pcmflash

Stock files database included! Ford Mondeo 4: 2. Ford Focus 2: 1. Mazda6 3.

hino pcmflash

Priora, Kalina 1. Mondeo 3 1.

hino pcmflash

Duster 1. Sprinter 2. Reading, writing, checksum correction for most ECUs. Ford F 3. Both micro and eeprom are supported. Thus, cloning is possible as well as full reading of factory or modified files.

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