Cambridge ielts listening test 3

Cambridge ielts listening test 3

Which TWO activities that volunteers do are mentioned? Which TWO ways that volunteers can benefit from volunteering are mentioned? What has each of the following volunteers helped someone to do?

It consists of around 21 …………………… students. It is due to play in a 22 ……………………. They have listened to a talk by a 24 ……………………. Joe will discuss a 25 ……………………. Joe hopes the band will attend a 26 …………………… next month. What problem does Joe mention in connection with each of the following band members? Concerts in university arts festival.

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cambridge ielts listening test 3

Cambridge Reading Tests. Writing Task 2 Topic Date available weekend beginning February 4th Conference facilities the 1 …………………. Other facilities The hotel also has a spa and rooftop 7 …………………. Location Wilby Street quite near the 9 …………………… near to restaurants and many 10 ……………………. Background on school marching band It consists of around 21 …………………… students. Questions What problem does Joe mention in connection with each of the following band members? Concerts in university arts festival Concert 1 Australian composer: Liza Lim studied piano and 31 ………………….

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Example The caller wants to find out about events on A 27 June. B 28 June. Questions Complete the sentences below. Paxton Nature Reserve 7. Paxton is a good place for seeing rare ………………………….

This is a particularly good time for seeing certain unusual ……………………. Visitors will be able to learn about ……………… and then collect some. Part of the …………………….

cambridge ielts listening test 3

Changes in Barford over the last 50 years What change in the road network is known to have benefited the town most? What is the problem affecting shopping in the town centre? What does Shona say about medical facilities in Barford? Questions What is planned for each of the following facilities? Facilities Questions Questions Complete the table below. Questions Who is going to write each of the following parts of the report?

Questions Complete the notes below. Click here for Answers. We do not owe the content in any way neither have taken part in the production.This post can guide you the best to understand every Reading answer without much trouble. Questions Identifying information.

Rather, you should answer all the other questions first. And just like List of Headings, only read the first two lines or last two lines of the expected paragraph initially. If you find the answers, you need not read the middle part. Keywords will be a useful matter here.

Cambridge 3 Listening Test 2

Question no. Keywords for the question: range of family types, involved in, education programme. In section D, we find two paragraphs. The four-year pilot study included families who were about to have their first child and who represented a cross-section of socio-economic status, age and family configurations. They included single-parent and two-parent families, families in which both parents worked, and families with either the mother or father at home. So, the answer is: D.

Both the paragraphs in section B provide details about the importance of the early years of a child. Researchers claim that the human personality is formed during the first two years of lifeand during the first three years children learn the basic skills they will use in all their later learning both at home and at school.

So, the answer is: B. Keywords for the question: reasons, why, education programme, failed. Section C contains two paragraphs. So, the answer is: C. Keywords for the question: description, positive outcomes, education programme. The results were phenomenal. Then, in the following lines, the writer provides a detailed description of the positive outcomes. So, the answer is: E. Candidates are given some groups from the text, and a list of options, which are listed as A, B, C etc.

They must match the correct groups with the correct options. So, they should be answered after all other questions in the passage. Keywords for the question: administered to, variety of, poor and wealthy families. That interaction was not necessarily bad in poorer families. Keywords for the question: continued with, follow-up assistance, elementary schools. Keywords for the question: did not succeed, its aim.

Keywords for the question: supplied, many forms of, support and training, parents. Keywords for the question: received, insufficient funding.

Cambridge Listening Book 3 Test 3

This means the programme received more than sufficient funding. For this type of question, you can divide each statement into three independent pieces and make your way through with the answer.And when opinions differ, emotions can run high.

According to 9…. Linguists who take this approach to language place great importance on grammatical 10…. Conversely, the view of 11…. A descriptivists C popular speech. So, the British made an earlier attempt to use wind power as an alternative source of energy, and then abandoned this attempt for 20 years. Keywords: applying technology, another industry. Solar System. Keywords: convey more information, Shannon anticipated. There are understandable reasons why arguments occur about language.

cambridge ielts listening test 3

People feel more strongly about language education than about small difference in language usage. Prescriptivism still exists today. According to descriptivists, it is pointless to try to stop language change. Both descriptivists and prescriptivists have been misrepresented. The language debate According to 9…. According to…. Linguists who take this approach to language place great importance on grammatical….

Which paragraph contains the following information? Which FIVE of the following claims about tidal power are made by the writer?Source 1.

Source 2. Students can register for a class by visiting the 9. The park was built in A 17 stands in the center of the park.

A 20 takes you down to the harbor and a view of the boats. Days: Ancient China Windmills were used to Ancient Persia Farmers used wind power to The Netherlands People used windmills to Thank you for your feedback, we will investigate and resolve the issue within 48 hours. Your access to and use of the Service is conditioned on your acceptance of and compliance with these Terms.

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Cambridge IELTS Book 3 Listening Test 3

We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to modify or replace these Terms at any time.Complete the notes below. Complete the table below. Questions Complete the table below.

Label the buildings on the map of the Sports Complex. Complete the form below. Ostrich meat A has more protein than beef. B tastes nearly as good as beef. C is very filling. One problem with ostrich fanning in Britain is A the climate. B the cost of transporting birds. C the price of ostrich eggs. Ostrich chicks reared on farms A must be kept in incubators until mature.


B are very independent. C need looking after carefully. The speaker suggests ostrich farms are profitable because A little initial outlay is required. B farmed birds are very productive. C there is a good market for the meat.

Rajdoot 2. Park View Hotel 3. London Arms 4.

Cambridge Listening Book 11 Test 3

Lentil curry 7. Reception Area Dance Studio Squash Courts Fitness Room. Anne Rea We do not owe the content in any way neither have taken part in the production. See the book for the full information and material. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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